miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Homework 31st - 4th April

Due Tuesday 1st - Read the story attached and write an essay including the following information:

. Did you like the story? Explain why.

.What do you think about it?

. Was it a dream/ nightmare?

.What would you have done if you had been in that situation?

.How would you have ended the story?

“HEY, hey little girl wake up’’
I wake up and it is completely dark. I can’t see anything or anyone but I can hear a person who is calling me over. I walk over and I see a spot light on this old man, he looks like he is moving my TV set. ‘’Hey you.’’ I say. the old man looks at me and then looks away I look behind me to see if anyone is coming I look back and the old man was is front of me.
“AHHHHHH” I woke up it was all a dream. I screamed so loud that my friend next door d heard me.
She yelled out.   “SHUT UP EMILY.’’
“ SORRY COLE,’’ I said
“Ok, sorry.” I said.
I looked at the time and it was 3:00am I went back to sleep it was completely dark again. I fell asleep.
I can see the old man pointing to my T.V. He moves my T.V. and there is a small dark blue door, I wonder how the door got here? I walk into the door.
I woke up once again. I got up and wondered if the dark blue door was really there.
“NAH, there can’t be.” I told myself as I went back to my bed as I lay there I began to stare at my T.V. I felt the urge to go to the T.V. and check behind it.
Quietly I switched on my bed light and then walked slowly toward the TV. I grabbed it and slowly dragged it away.
Immediately I saw the small blue door I was puzzled because I had used the room for years and I had never seen it before.
Without hesitation I opened the door and saw a small dark room.
I crouched down and crawled into the  darkness. Moments later I emerged through the  other side and found myself in a small dark room.
Puzzled I looked around and in the half darkness I saw an old man sitting on a chair.
“Welcome!” He said. “I have been waiting for you for many years. You are my replacement.”
“I don’t understand.” I said in confusion. “What is happening? What are you talking about? What replacement?”
“I will tell you a story.” Said the man pleasantly. “It will explain everything I think.”
“20 years ago I see a boy in my room he is pointing towards my  wardrobe  he  seems  to  be  telling me to move it. I wake up thinking it is a dream. I walk to my wardrobe and move it. I find a small dark blue door I open it and crawl inside moments later I enter this room and I see a small boy sitting on this chair he tells me this same story and then he disappears.”
As the old man finished the story he slowly became transparent and the then he vanished.
I screamed and ran for the small blue door but it was locked I slammed against it but it was immovable.
I screamed but no one heard me……
Now I sit in the chair and I wait. I am planning. I am thinking. I am scheming. I am waiting for my replacement.
By Tameka